Archivio Maurizio Spatola


The purpose of this on-line archive is to offer the possibility to view materials, collected from the half of Sixties to the end of Nineties, about experimental poetry and avangarde art to students, researchers and everybody who’s interested: It concerns publications of any artistic genre very rare at the time and nowadays often unobtainable, which form an interesting and useful documentation both for informative and cultural investigation purpose. Some chapters of the archive are dedicated to recent episodes which are concerning artistic and literary research in its widest and purest meaning, rejecting any kind of prejudice. Other sections concern departed protagonists of experimental art who have never been “an end to itself” but actors of an healthy wave of innovation. The same attention is dedicated to the current expressions of this kind of research. Other sections will be added as soon as possible, my force permitting. Particular thanks to Giampaolo Guerini who housed this archive since January 2009, giving me technial assistance and precious suggestions which led to a friendly esteem. Thanks to Giovanni Badinella for the contribution in the realization and management of the new site, moreover thanks to my young assistants who support me in this initiative, particularly Valentina Orani and Monica Olivieri.