Nota Bio Bibliografica


Maurizio Spatola was born in 1946 in Stradella (Pavia) and now he lives in Sestri Levante. He studied at classic lyceum “Galvani”, Bologna, nearby Via dei Poeti’s inn, a place attended by the future protagonists of Bologna’s literary avanguard. Once he interrupted the studies at the Philosophy University, he started his carrier as a journalist in Turin : he wrote for a long time for “La Stampa” Editor and later he worked as a free lance for different periodicals. He funded in 1968 with his brother Adriano the publishing house “Geiger” a well known editor of anthologies of experimental poetry. Geiger editions were working mainly between Emilia and Turin in artistic and literary experimentation. Geiger published in limited editions in 70’s and 80’s books and reviews, the most known one was Tam Tam directed by Adriano Spatola and Giulia Niccolai. Maurizio Spatola’s concrete and visual poems were published from 1967 to 1972 on Ezio Gribaudo’s anthology Il peso del concreto (Torino 1968), on the anthology Il gesto poetico directed by Luciano Caruso and Corrado Piancastelli (“Uomini e idee” n.18, Napoli, 1968)and on the reviews Chicago Review (USA), Ovum 10 (Uruguay), La Battana, Signal (Yugoslavia), Approches , Doc(k)s (France), Mec, Pianeta, Quindici , Tool (Italy) His avanguard poetry’s critical writings appeared on many dailies an literary reviews. In 2001 he became blind. Despite his blindness, he’s persuaded that reality and existence are the result of a patafisic paradox and he still deals with visual poetry and art.